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The Ledge – a Highland hub of climbing and bouldering, community, yoga and fitness.

Our climbing surfaces are divided into two distinct styles – Bouldering and Roped Climbing. Please follow the links below to pre-register to climb or simply drop in to and we’ll get you set up.


What exactly is Bouldering?

Bouldering is climbing without a rope on shorter walls with safety mats below.

No experience is necessary – all you need are a pair of climbing shoes and ideally some chalk for optimum grip which can both be found at The Ledge.

Whether you’re a new or experienced boulderer, it’s always worth considering the following:

  • Remember to warm up properly
  • Be mindful of your surroundings and those climbing around you
  • When you’re finished on a boulder problem, we recommend you climb down.

First Time Bouldering With Us?

Roped Climbing

What exactly is Roped Climbing?

Roped climbing involves the use of ropes to enable you to climb higher and longer sequences protected by your climbing partner or an automatic belay device.

It is essentially split into two disciplines – top-roping (where the rope is already in place so you’re protected from above) and lead climbing (where the rope runs directly from the belayer to the climber who clips the rope into bolts that are fixed to the wall as they ascend).

If this is your first time climbing using ropes, you will need to take a belay competency test or climb with an experienced (verified) climber who can supervise your first experience (tying in to the rope etc).

New to Roped Climbing?

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The Process

We have tried to make the sign-in process as easy as possible but there are a few important steps that you must take before getting vertical at The Ledge.

1. Sign a PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT –  you will need to fill out the appropriate acknowledgment of risk form for your age/situation, no matter your level. All forms can be found via the various Bouldering and Roped Climbing pages below or the links here:

2. REGISTER – once you have signed your agreements you can register for a pass or membership. You MUST sign a participation agreement before you register for an online pass purchase. Please use the same email address for both so our staff can find you on the system.
*NOTE: ALL visitors to The Ledge must pay a one-off £5 registration fee to use the centre.*

3. VISIT RECEPTION ON ARRIVAL – we will find the online forms you’ve completed, or you can fill them out in person. To avoid queues, fill them out in advance online!
If you’re bringing guests or U16s you’ll need to fill out forms for them too – we will help you with this.

4. COMPETENCY CHECK – If you’re using our roped walls you will need to demonstrate your skills – how to tie in and belay etc

5. PAYMENT/MEMBER CHECK-IN – either at reception or in advance online

6. GEAR RENTAL – hire kit if needed


If you’re still unsure about the process then PLEASE just come in and talk to us. We will get you set up and climbing the walls in no time!