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No partner? No worries – we’ve got autobelays!

Basically autobelays function as a virtual climbing partner so you can climb safely on your own. The autobelay device is attached to the top of the route, takes in security tape attached to your harness as you climb, and lowers you slowly and safely back to the ground when you’ve sent your project (or come off half way up!).

Our autobelays are ideal for stamina fests and focused folks who are struggling to find a reliable climbing partner! 


Looking to get on the sharp end and lead your first climb? Then sign up for our Learn to Lead course. 

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Using our roped walls may require climbers to take a simple competency test on their first visit.

Please Note: to use our autobelays for the first time, you will need to take an autobelay induction so we can be sure that you understand the implications of unsupervised use. Please enquire at reception and we’ll get you booked in.

Different rules apply for 14-17 yrs and Under 14s.

Click the links below to view the required participation agreements for your age group or learn more about our rope climbing courses.

Adult Ropes

Start Rope Climbing Today: Adults


Start Rope Climbing Today: Aged 14 -17

Start Rope Climbing Today: Under 14s


Advanced Rope Climbing Classes