The Ledge Charity

The figure of 8, the knot that ties us all together

The Ledge charity will operate The Ledge climbing gym.

Life in the vertical is a rich and fulfilling existence. Being elevated allows for new perspectives. By taking in ancient landscapes from above, we see how fleeting our struggles are. Climbing also teaches us creative ways to navigate our deepest fears and shows us we can keep going long after we think we cannot, giving us the confidence to tackle whatever may lie ahead.

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer hope and support to individuals of all ages who may be struggling in the face of adversity. Climbing and adventure activities bring a host of well-documented skills and physical and mental health benefits to those who need them most; including increased confidence, motivation, setting personal goals, improving overall mood, building trust in others, and developing coping strategies that can be applied to all aspects of life. 

We are building an inclusive community that inspires positive social change at The Ledge. Through our charitable activities and programmes, we aim to provide life skills, training, and opportunities to those facing mental, physical, and environmental challenges.

The Ledge will support and equip youth at risk and other vulnerable groups in the community with the necessary tools to expand their horizons, help others and achieve more than they thought possible.

How will we do it?

Our activities will be delivered in a managed environment supported by committed, experienced, and supportive staff and volunteers alongside solid partnerships with third sector and community organisations.

Who will deliver our "Vertical Living" social impact programmes"

The Ledge’s social impact program — “Vertical Living” — will be delivered across a variety of platforms including mentoring, supported access for schools for clubs and special needs groups, vocational skills, and community initiatives.

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