About The Ledge

The Ledge will be Scotland’s only purpose-built modern Climbing and Adventure Sports Gym. As the Highlands largest indoor Climbing Wall, and a Scottish charity dedicated to improving lives and building community through “living vertically”, our facility will be built on the foundations of community, inclusivity, and positivity. 

Life in the vertical is a rich and fulfilling existence. Being elevated allows for new perspectives. By taking in ancient landscapes from above, we see how fleeting our struggles are. Climbing also teaches us creative ways to navigate our deepest fears and shows us we can keep going long after we think we cannot, giving us the confidence to tackle whatever may lie ahead.  

As a social enterprise, our mission is to enable individuals of all ages who may be struggling in the face of adversity. 

A History Of the Project

As more people appreciate the Highland capital, Inverness, for its access to the great outdoors, the need for a modern climbing facility is long overdue. 

The value that outdoor pursuits bring to everyone’s wellbeing is common knowledge and, from the earliest stages of conception, our priority has been on creating a community, first and foremost, and establishing a hub that is a positive force for change in the region. Supported by a team of like-minded individuals, The Ledge is shaping into something that everyone in the Highlands can be proud of. 

Formed in June 2017, The Ledge Charity was founded on the core values of creating a community and providing support to those who stood to benefit from engaging in the sport of climbing. Since 2017, we have been working to raise funds, secure investment, and obtain planning permission to uphold our commitment to the project.

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